Jim Mintz

Executive Director

Jim is the CEO of Mintz Group, a private investigation company. Founded 25 years ago, Mintz Group operates all over the world.

Jim founded Dig Lab in 2015, along with family members Hannah Mintz, Jack Mintz and Deborah Stewart. In 2016 and 2017, they began to contribute to the Citizen Investigation community with two conferences, which brought together people from all over the world who are investigating corruption, environmental abuses, police misconduct, and other wrongdoing.

Jim has been investigating for more than 40 years – first as an investigative reporter, and then as a private investigator. His passion for citizens’ digging draws from both of these investigative traditions.

For more than 10 years, Jim has been an adjunct professor of investigative reporting at the Columbia Journalism School. He conducts training sessions all over the world, particularly on investigative interviewing and source development.


Marc Fader

Program Director - NGOs

Marc Fader works in law, technology, advocacy, and investigations. Marc is currently helping nonprofits protect people’s rights and hold governments and businesses accountable for misconduct.

Marc received a journalism degree from Boston University and began his career as a staff photographer and arts and entertainment reporter at The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He photographed everything from presidential campaigns to professional sports and spot news. Marc also freelanced for other news outlets and wire services, and his photographs have appeared in publications worldwide.

Marc graduated from Boston University School of Law and worked in the corporate and litigation departments of Dewey Ballantine LLP. He then joined the Mintz Group, where he conducted and lead large, complex investigations. Marc spent 10 years at the Mintz Group and served as a partner and associate general counsel.

Marc co-founded opus.me, a background check technology company that allowed businesses to share consumers’ information while protecting people’s rights. It is now part of vetty.com.